Snap-happy Yvette’s PhotoIreland adventures

Snap-happy Yvette's PhotoIreland adventures

South Studios co-founder Yvette Monahan has been blowing people away right, left and centre with her work ‘The Time Of Dreaming The World Awake’…

It’s been a real whirlwind. Yvette got off to a good start when she won Best In Show at Moxie Studios’ “Slideluck”, successfully exhibited her MFA work here at South, and then won the coveted PhotoIreland portfolio review. All in a matter of days!

Since then, she’s had a great mention in The Guardian, been featured in HotShoe, and has been invited to talk this weekend at the Crawford Gallery in Cork.

Click through on the photo to see what wonderful things HotShoe has to say about this rising star of photography.

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    Thanks kate, you r a legend!

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